Money Is a Powerful Tool — Use It

Lessons From Episode Two

Two people talking about finances with a giant blue arrow ascending | Money Matters

For some of us, it’s tough to decide what to do with money when we do have it. Fortunately, financial advisors Cris Cabanillas and Adrianne Yamaki have plenty to say about the power of money and how to let it work for you in the second episode of Money Matters by Impart Media.

In this episode, Pauline and Terence initially find it difficult to talk about money even though they have plenty of money saved. And Brandon and Grant are eager to invest funds, time, and energy into their careers, but they aren’t sure where to start. When these two couples face their challenges with the help of their advisers, they experience remarkable transformations — and their stories highlight important financial lessons for all of us.

Talk about money

Financial advisor Cris Cabanillas encourages Pauline and Terence to start talking openly about money. During their conversation, we learn that the couple has saved a healthy nest egg, but they don’t know what to do with it. They’re also uncertain about how to teach their young daughter, Grace, about money. They also want to invest the money Grace earned starring in a movie. By practicing clear and honest communication — and following helpful advice from Cris — Pauline and Terence start letting their money work for them.

Invest in yourself

Brandon and Grant are both hesitant to invest in their acting careers at first, but the more Adrianne spells out the benefits of self-investment, the more excited and confident they become. Adrianne carefully lays out the steps they need to take to make headway in their careers and start building a financial future together.

Let your money work for you

Brandon and Grant are freelance actors, a career that is usually associated with instability (but that doesn’t need to be the case). Adrianne stresses the importance of opening retirement accounts and clarifies that even freelancers with fluctuating incomes have plenty of options.

Cris also encourages Pauline and Terence to think about investing in their retirement. A comfortable retirement fund will allow both Pauline and Grace to pursue their respective careers in comedy and acting. The couple also plans to invest in a 529 plan to save for Grace’s college education.

Focus on what you want out of life

No matter where you are in life or what you want to get out of your financial planning, there is always a way forward. Putting in the work isn’t enough if you don’t know where or how to direct your funds. Be deliberate in choosing what to invest in — in terms of your time, effort, AND money — to build your wealth and the life you want.